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Changes To Our Health Insurance Products For 2023

Our annual changes to our health plans include improvements to our cancer and mental health benefits.

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How Brexit Changes The Way We Work With Brokers

Brexit has changed the way we work with brokers in the UK and the EU. We explain how, why, and when.

Guide On How We’re Dealing With Brexit

The Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020. Here’s a guide to our preparations done so far.

How Our Health Plans Are Changing For Hong Kong Residents

Improvements to our health plans and changes to excess discounts for new customers in Hong Kong.

How Our Health Plans Are Changing for 2021

Improvements to our health plans, a low premium increase for new customers, and more flexibility with local nationals.

Introducing Our Health Insurance Quote Tool

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new online quote tool which is now live in production.

Flex Health Insurance Plan For Dubai

Flex is a progressive health product designed for Dubai-based corporate groups of three or more employees.

William Russell Partners With Lippo Insurance In Indonesia

We are partnering with LippoInsurance to offer 80 years of combined experience in medical health insurance.

William Russell Enters Its Second Quarter Century In IPMI

We are celebrating entering our second quarter century as an international private medical insurance provider.

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