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David Cottrell

David joined William Russell in 2019 to lead our product development and medical underwriting teams. That’s quite a challenge given our wide range of insurance products and customers around the world!

David Cottrell
Underwriting and Product Manager

Being part of William Russell has been a revelation for me. Previously, I worked in the UK’s domestic insurance sector at a large corporation. Moving to a smaller, independently-owned, agile company with a global outlook has been truly fascinating.

I talk daily to colleagues, brokers, and insurance partners as far apart as Malawi and Moldova, or Paris and Hong Kong. The mix of cultures, personalities, and the different opportunities and obstacles in each market means each day really is quite different from the next.

In an industry characterised as letting its customers down at their times of need, William Russell stands for fairness and transparency. It’s my job to uphold these values, maintain our reputation, and ensure customer satisfaction.

David Cottrell, Underwriting & Product Manager


Working in product development gives me a real feel for William Russell’s strategic direction, our competitors, and the shape of the market in general. You have to stay on your toes and ahead of new trends. Medical underwriting gets you into the detail of your customers’ lives. It’s a sensitive job in which you have to make decisions and justify them. No two customers are the same, and you’re trying to see into the future without a crystal ball! It’s a challenge, but my time at William Russell has been highly rewarding.


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