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Avin Talabani

Avin runs the transformation unit in our technology department. She has spent the last 15 years in the medical assistance and health insurance industry, in various roles within operations, change management and IT.

Avin Talabani

Transformation Manager

My prior experience has given me in-depth knowledge of the journey, process challenges and emotions that members face at various points of interacting with their health insurer or provider. This is something I am passionate about and it very much shapes the work I’m doing with technology and systems development.

We’re lucky to have very talented people in the technology team and we are putting our expertise to good use, with a technology roadmap that has been designed with the member experience at the heart of it.
Avin Talabani
Transformation Manager

At William Russell, we have exciting plans for improving our tech capabilities – ranging from how we develop our systems, products and services to the way we empower our customer-facing teams to further support our members.

My team and I have the same aim: we strive to deliver capabilities to our members that are easy to use, helpful, rewarding and stress-free! Insurance can be complicated to navigate, so the least we can do is make the experience as intuitive and seamless as possible.

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