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Our 2018 health insurance premiums explained

We work hard at William Russell to keep your premiums steady. Over our 25-year history we have gained a reputation for keeping premium increases to a minimum and avoiding large changes in price.

Our commitment to you


We are committed to providing affordable international health insurance, without compromise.

However, with a rising incidence of high-cost cancer claims, an increased demand for quality healthcare and the escalating cost of health care, it is inevitable that insurance premiums have to rise to keep pace, to ensure we can continue to offer cover when you need it most.

The average premium increase for our 2018 health insurance plans is 5-7%.

If your premium has increased more than this, then it may be for one of the reasons below

  • You pay your premium in Sterling

    With the fall in Sterling, customers who pay in British Pounds will see a higher than average rise in their premiums – particularly if you live in an economy which is aligned to the US Dollar. The good news is that your plan benefit limit will increase, but if you have an excess, your excess will also increase.

    You have entered a new age bracket

    If your premium has gone up more than you were expecting, it may well be that following a birthday you are in a new price bracket. If in doubt, speak to our team on +44 1276 486 477.

    You have a £1,000 or US$ 1,600 excess

    Due to the reduction in the discount associated with this option, you will have a slightly higher premium increase, and if you pay in Sterling, this increase will be even more noticeable due to the fall in the value of Sterling.

    If you live in Hong Kong

    Medical costs in Hong Kong are very high, and accordingly we have increased our premiums in Hong Kong by more than the average, and if you pay your premiums in Sterling, you will notice an even higher increase in 2018.

    You live in a country where healthcare costs are particularly expensive

    If you live in Indonesia and you want to continue to enjoy cover for treatment in Singapore, you will notice a higher than average increase in your premium. This is due to the very high cost of treatment in Singapore.

    To avoid paying for cover in Singapore, we have introduced a new area of cover for residents of Indonesia. Our new Lotus area of cover will give you cover in South East Asia excluding Singapore. So you have the choice between paying more to continue to have cover for treatment in Singapore, or restricting your cover to South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia).

What you can do to reduce your premium

If you are concerned about your premium increase, there are a number of ways that you can decrease your premiums, whilst still enjoying the cover you need.

  • Consider a different plan

    Consider what healthcare cover you actually need. You may be able to switch to a different plan type with fewer benefits.

    Elite plan customers in SE Asia (excluding Singapore), Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America, may want to consider switching to one of our Essential plans.

    Please see our 2018 health plan selection here.

    Increase your excess

    Increasing your excess can reduce your premium. We offer a range of excess options (Jamie please state excess options – do not include the options that are only available on renewal.)

    Consider a different area of cover

    Customers in Indonesia can consider our Lotus area of cover which gives cover in all South East Asian countries with the exception of Singapore.

    Customers in Africa can consider our Area 4 area of cover which provides cover throughout Africa, and accident and emergency cover during trips outside Africa.

    Pay your premiums annually

    You can save 5% on your premium by switching from monthly payments to one annual payment.

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