International Health Insurance - The Gold Plan
For expatriates looking for the widest health insurance cover

Designed for expatriates who want cover for the widest range of health care benefits

  • Private hospital accommodation and treatment
  • Out-patient treatment, tests and consultations
  • All treatment for cancer
  • Emergency medical evacuation, with 24/7 medical assistance helpline
  • Worldwide cover (cover in the USA is optional)
  • The freedom to choose where you have your treatment
  • Cover for treatment arising as a consequence of war or terrorism
Plus these key additional Gold plan benefits:
  • Costs up to $10,000 per pregnancy for routine maternity care and normal child birth after 10 months
  • Full refund per period of cover for treatment for complications of pregnancy and child birth necessitating an emergency surgical procedure after 10 months
  • $100,000 per pregnancy of cover for the treatment of newborns after 10 months
  • $550 preventative health benefit for check up, annual optical exam or vaccination of your choice, after 6 months
  • $250 life-time limit for a well-child health screening after 12 months
  • Full refund for monitoring and maintaining of medical conditions that become chronic
  • Treatment by a chiropractor, osteopath, homeopath or acupuncturist for up to 15 sessions
  • $1,000 for routine dental treatment after 6 months
  • Full refund for emergency in-patient dental treatment
  • $1,000 for emergency out-patient dental treatment
  • Home nursing cover for up to 12 weeks 
  • Full refund for rehabilitation treatment for up to 30 days
  • $1,000 for medical aids & $1,500 for prosthetic devices
  • $100,000 life-time limit for palliative care
  • $100,000 life-time limit for psychiatric care after 24 months
  • $100,000 cover for up to 5 years for HIV/AIDs treatment after 24 months
  • Compassionate home travel benefit

The Gold plan offers routine dental benefits as standard, with the option to add additional complex dental treatment cover.
Complex dental treatment refers to:
- Crowns
 - Inlays
 - Bridges
The optional complex dental benefit covers 80% of costs up to $2,000 after 12 months.
The Global Health Plan will not cover a medical condition you have suffered from or been treated for before your plan commences, (unless you have disclosed full details of your condition, and we have agreed to cover it).


Your Global Health plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not entirely satisfied with your plan, tell us in writing within the first 30 days of your cover and, subject to your having made no claim, we will refund your premium in full.