Protection for hospital treatment & emergency medical evacuation

As our lowest price plan, Global Health Essential Care is ideal for those on a budget, covering all the major in- and day-patient health care costs.

  • Private hospital accommodation & treatment 
  • Treatment for cancer
  • Emergency medical evacuation, with 24/7 medical assistance helpline
  • Regional cover (see below)
  • The freedom to choose where you have your treatment
  • Available in US dollars only 
Plus these additional Essential Care plan benefits:
  • $2,500 post-hospital out-patient treatment (consultations, prescribed drugs & tests) for up to 90 days
  • $5,000 for emergency in-patient dental treatment 
  • $25,000 life-time limit for palliative care
  • $1,000 for up to 5 years for in- & day-patient HIV/AIDs treatment after 24 months
  • $1,200 for road ambulance charges

The Essential plan range is available if you live in Africa, Latin America and most Asian and Middle Eastern counties. You will have full cover within your region, plus accident and emergency cover provided when you travel outside of your region. No cover is provided in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and the London area.
The Global Health Plan will not cover a medical condition you have suffered from or been treated for before your plan commences, (unless you have disclosed full details of your condition, and we have agreed to cover it).
Your Global Health plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not entirely satisfied with your plan, tell us in writing within the first 30 days of your cover and, subject to your having made no claim, we will refund your premium in full.