Cash-free access to in & out-patient treatment

Expatriates in China and Hong Kong have the choice of four international private health plans with our Global Health Elite plan range. Our plans offer in-patient direct settlement, where we guarantee payment for hospital admissions and pay directly to the hospital, so that you do not have the foot the bill for expensive treatment. In China and Hong Kong, we also maintain a network of out-patient direct billing providers for expatriates with a Silver or Gold plan.
In return for a small annual premium surcharge of 7.5%, residents in China can access a number of leading clinics and hospitals in Shanghai and Beijing when they select a nil or $50 excess plan.
In Hong Kong, expatriates must select a nil excess but you will benefit from direct billing as standard, with access to the first of our providers in Hong Kong. Whilst a nil excess carries a 20% premium loading, you can save up to 8% by opting to have your treatment in a semi-private room.
Whether you are in China or Hong Kong, on presentation of our membership card, you will receive treatment for eligible routine and minor conditions without the need to seek reimbursement or submit a claim form directly to us.
Feel the benefit of world-class insurance cover from an award-winning provider, and profit from cash-free access to private medical treatment at any of the hospitals and clinics below.
Please be advised that the out-patient direct billing arrangement is only available within your country of residence.

To understand your options for health, life and income protection insurance, please contact your broker or talk to one of our sales advisers.