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What happens after I have submitted my medicals?

Once we have received all the medical evidence we require, we will assess your application and, if we accept it, we will issue an Acceptance Terms invoice which will advise you of the terms at which we can accept your application. We may impose special terms if there are medical reasons for doing so, or we may decline to accept your application. We may also load our standard premium rate if there are reasons to do so.

Will I have to pay for my medicals?

Once your plan is in force you may claim reimbursement of any medical tests we have required. The maximum amount we can refund is £325 or $520 or €520. If you do not proceed with the applied-for cover we will not reimburse your medical fees, even if the reason you do not proceed is because we have accepted your application subject to special terms and/or a premium loading. If we decline to cover you at all due to medical reasons, we will reimburse your medical fees in accordance with the above limits.


What are the medical requirements?

The application form asks questions about your medical history. It is important that you make a full and accurate declaration about your medical history. When we receive your application form we will send you a letter confirming the medical requirements, if any. If a medical is required, we will send you the necessary forms.


You can arrange to have your medical examination done locally provided the doctor holds western qualifications and can complete the report in English. 

When applying for cover, who can certify my passport?

Your passport can be certified by your by a banker, lawyer, serving police officer, embassy official, chartered accountant, notary public or medical doctor or by your intermediary/insurance broker (provided he or she holds an intermediary agreement with William Russell Limited). They must certify that they’ve met you, that the photograph is a true likeness, and that the photocopy is a copy of the original document. The certifier must sign over an official stamp and print their full name, address and occupation.